Exposed Ceiling Grid

Total Building Systems offers a comprehensive range of Exposed Ceiling Grids giving you the benefit of flexibility and choice when designing your next ceiling.

Armstrong Peakform Grid – Steel


The Armstrong Peakform 24 XL2 suspension system is a strong 42mm high multi purpose exposed 24mm tee grid system, suitable for square or tegular edge ceiling panels.  Armstrong ceiling grid comes with a 10 year limited warranty, when used with Armstrong RH99 ceiling panels this extends to a 30 year limited warranty.

The components that make up the Armstrong Peakform grid system are:

  • 43mm Main Runner (Prelude 24 with Superlock Clip)
  • Cross Tees (Prelude 24 XL2)
  • Hangers and Perimeter Trims
  • Suspension & Accessories

Armstrong Suprafine


The Armstrong Suprafine suspension system is a refined narrow profile, exposed 15mm tee grid, suitable for tegular edge ceiling panels.

The components that make up the Armstrong Suprafine suspension system are:

  • Main Runner Suprafine 15 with Superlock Clip
  • Cross Tees : Suprafine 15 XL2
  • Hangers

Aluminium Grid


Blue Tongue 24 flat faced suspension system is a robust, general purpose, extruded aluminium, powder coated, exposed grid, suitable for square edge and tegular edge ceiling panels.

The components that make up the Armstrong Blue Tongue suspension  system are:

  • Main Beam: Flat Faced 24mm Tee
  • Cross Runner: Flat Faced 24mm Tee
  • Hangers

Also available is a 24mm exposed aluminium grid system that is a modular and one-way exposed top hat system .