Partition Suite

The 64 System forms the basis of the Total Partition Suite Range. It is a cost effective and professional way to construct an office environment.

The Total Partition Suite has been designed to be used in conjunction with 64mm steel stud and 1 layer of plasterboard either side. Variations from this can be accommodated where increased acoustic performance is required for that area of the partition.  Competitive pricing of the steel stud and plasterboard combination gives an extremely economical system.  The Total Partition Suite – 64 System is Australian Made and conforms to AS1288-1994 glazing code. The unique design of the sections eliminates unsightly vertical join lines to the face of extrusions, thereby producing an aesthetically pleasing result.

This system offers a large range of extrusions to accommodate for almost every conceivable situation, but it is possible to use four or five different sections for a basic installation if required. The 64 System will accommodate 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, or 55mm doors in timber or fully glazed aluminium frames.  This product has a number of unique design features built into the extrusions to increase productivity on site during installation.

Partition Suite (64 System) PDF


The 92 System was developed to meet a need in the market place to maintain a high profile corporate image at doorways and openings in highly rated acoustic walling.

The 92 System provides the architect and engineer the opportunity to completely contain column supports for overhead structures within a partition system, with a cavity of 90mm, and still maintain a high quality profile throughout.   The versatility of this system allows the architect and designer a unique range of options offering structural integrity and partitioning of high acoustic performance.

Partition Suite (92 System) PDF


Design Features of the 64 & 92mm Systems

  • Corner Stake Provision
  • Screw Locating Grooves,
  • Alignment Fins  – ensure that the stud work will be automatically aligned
  • Standard Lengths of 5.5M, this best suits ceilings of 3m and above
  • Full height Doors, this limits wastage, providing a cost effective system.
  • Can be cut off site if there is limited access

Partition Suite (64 & 92 System) PDF


Design Features specific to the 92mm System

  • 92 stud and 2 layers of 13mm Plasterboard
  • 76 stud and 3 layers of 13mm plasterboard
  • 64 stud and 4 layers of 13mm plasterboard


  • Media Blast Anodised, creating an even Natural High Quality Finish.
  • Wet Spray Finish
  • Powder Coated

Partition Suite (Universal) PDF