Plasterboard Prices

Specialty Board

As part of their extensive range, Total Building Systems can provide you with specialty board which has been specifically developed to provide a solution to even the most challenging of projects.

Stratopanel (previously CLEANEO)


Seamless perforated plasterboard with acoustic performance for a stunning ceiling design solution.

Stratopanel with CLEANEO technology is a unique product  with built in air purification which reduces both smells and airborne pollutants, improving overall air quality.  Must be installed using UNIFLOTT jointing compound.



An internal gypsum fibre wall lining with exceptional sound insulation performance plus impact resistance particularly hard body and gouge resistance, providing durable walls which require low maintenance. Also good fire and moisture resistance. Ideal applications include hospitals, schools and public buildings.

MastaDeco System


Plasterboard and compound system with Level+ Technology designed to achieve a premium quality Level 4 Finish for walls and ceilings. The product must be utilised with its specific DecoBase and DecoMachine compounds in order to guarantee the benefits associated with Level+ Technology. Provides a higher quality surface for painting and a superior appearance which is UV Resistant and easy to clean.



A solid, engineered wall and ceiling lining made from inorganic aggregated cement embedded with coated glass fibre mesh. It has a high dimensional stability when exposed to moisture or temperature variations, is highly resistant to impact and has good sound insulation. Developed particularly for swimming pool and spa areas, bathrooms and commercial leisure facilities.

GIB X Block


Unique lead free plasterboard designed to provide X-RAY radiation protection in X-ray diagnostic rooms within medical facilities and dental clinics. It must be installed in conjunction with the X-ray shielding systems using GIB X-Block Jointing Compound.

Design Panel


Designpanel is a precision engineered perforated plasterboard, delivering both sound diffusion and absorption. This creates enhanced audibility and a high quality sound experience in large open areas. With a GreenTag GreenRate Level A certification, Designpanel is suitable for sustainable building projects.

Ideal for use in a range of commercial applications where controlling the sound reverberation time is required for large open areas such as lecture theatres, shopping centre and schools.