Plaster Supplies

Technical Board

Total Building Systems also supplies technical plasterboard sheets which are developed to address specific characteristics and provide solutions to various project requirements.



Water resistant plasterboard suitable for use in internal wet areas and as a substrate for tiles.



Plasterboard sheet with a high density core providing excellent sound insulation and impact resistance for residential and commercial applications. Can be used in wall and ceiling systems to create superior levels of acoustic comfort. The Opal board features heavier duty lining papers which add to the impact resistance. The surface line paper is pre-coated using Level+Technology creating the whitest and smoothest premium finish.



Fire resistant plasterboard for internal lining applications where a Fire Resistance Level is required. This product is Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified.


Plaster Supplies

Curveshield is a thin flexible 6mm plasterboard which can be used to create tightly contoured constructions such as curved walls and ceilings in archways and around stairways.



Perfect all round plasterboard, TruRock incorporates impact, water and fire resistance as well sound insulating properties. It is durable and easy to handle, economical and ideal for multi-purpose applications.



Incorporates enhanced impact, water and fire performance and sound insulation properties with the added benefit of mould resistance. Features a continuous fibreglass mesh embedded in the high density core limiting damage even under a large impact force.



Plasterboard sheet which is 25mm thick with fire resistant characteristics specifically designed for elevator  systems and other shafts and ducts in multi-level construction. Shaftliner is also used in the InterHome System.